Who are we? Simply put, we are Aviera.

Aviera is specialized in providing integrated and innovative solutions that span the entire commercial charter airline operation stages ranging from managing the airport, airlines, passengers, ground handling services, spare parts suppliers and travel agents.

With our B2B / B2C models, charter airlines can directly communicate with travel agents. Our customers can have immense advantage over competitors with our software that provides a workplace for all parties and stays connected all the time. We aim to offer true value to increase efficiency, have command over the flow of information, increase revenues and reduce costs for our customers.

We develop software solutions collaboratively adding features based on the requirements of our customers to give them the edge over their competitors.

It is in their interest that we work and assist the airline community round-the-clock. We deliver world-class technology solutions to assist the airline transportation industry, the backbone of economy.



To be the leading and most sought-after solution provider in the aviation industry. We aim to be the first-choice option when it comes to providing business expansion solutions for all commercial charter airlines, travel agents, spare parts suppliers and ground handling companies in the world.



To maintain an unparalleled leadership in the field of software solution development that covers all aviation areas. We firmly believe in innovation & continuous development to be able to provide our clients with solutions and services that are nothing short of exceptional and to affirm Aviera's position as the main solution provider in the aviation industry.