Aviera Platform

Aviera offers solutions that span a broad portfolio of services in the aviation industry.

It is the first based platform that connects commercial charter airline services with travel agents and ground handling companies by offering an intelligent workplace without any interference from third parties.

The company offers fantastic features; such as a portal for aircraft spare parts and cloud-based aircraft digital records management.

Our core objective is to increase the profitability of charter airlines by aircrafts lease or aircraft sales.

Our unrivaled capabilities in providing services to the aviation industry aims to help airlines and related businesses ascend to a higher level of productivity and growth.

With our SaaS advantage, we give you the freedom to focus on your core mission of profitability by serving customers.

Aviera provides more than just a software solution, we grow with you in achieving your vision.

Process Steps

We truly care about our customers

Research & Analize Aviera Research and analysis team did enormous entry to the marker loeussing on impairents at all avaiation areas. Analyzie the spots, put the plan exicute
Design Designing team at aviera one a highly qulified passianate, Creatives Designers.
Prototyping Database builders team are the solid core of any products sturturing the path of the find product.
Development Developing process is a compined with a high level of quality and testing to close any opened cicle and create what neededto reach the best levelof solution.
Result Excuting team is responsiple for came up with the final product and the shape it will be in the maker along with support team to follow up with customers and after sale phase.